We work with public and third sector organisations with a social purpose to from start-up to growth.

Many organisations find themselves in a situation where they are lacking funding (finding funding), facing budget cuts and looking for new and innovative ways to deliver services; both operational and financial models.


How do you understand and measure your impact? What funding mechanisms or opportunities are available to you as an enterprise or investor?

From our work in the third sector and in public organisations, we know that many organisations are struggling to articulate what their impact is – whether financial, social or political.  We can help you develop a theory of change, which includes a set of targets and outcomes, which will enable your organisation to robustly measure its impact.  In terms of our ethos, it’s important for us to consult the people who will be benefitting from your activities.

Within current budget constraints, it’s important to look at other avenues of financing to support your core business and innovation.  Our clients engage us to explore alternative funding methods and opportunities.

To discuss your needs, please email info@tigrismanagement.com to set up a meeting.


Feasability studies
Theory of change
Target operating models
Concept design
Financial modelling & structuring
Organisational strategy
Product development
Funding & investment