How many resolutions did you make this year? How many good habits have you decided to stick to? With the onset of January, our thoughts turn to health & happiness and what we want for the year ahead.

More broadly though, the wellness and happiness agenda is big business. As life gets more complex, busy and demanding, we all crave simplicity and connection. And those brands that can tap into this will come out on top.

Authenticity is key here though; people can see through the sales pitch. But if you can identify what it is about your product or service that makes their lives easier and happier, you can build your brand around these emotional needs.

Innocent Smoothies are great at tapping into the New Year health promises. They make it easy to have your 5 a day – all packaged into one smoothie or juice. They recognise that we want to be healthier but don’t always have the time to be peeling and chopping. Their social media feed is witty and fun, and appeals to those resolutions, and you feel like they understand how you’re feeling at this time of year.

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, has built a million pound business out of understanding people’s needs. A personal trainer turned global fitness superstar, he started with amusing short videos on Instagram showing you how to make quick and healthy meals in minutes. With his cheeky personality, he soon had a cult following, but most importantly, he made it easy to get results – with simple-to-follow meal and fitness plans that you could do yourself at home.

By simply understanding what triggers people, both brands have gained cut-through in a crowded marketplace.

By Claire Sanders

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