Two days into the new year and 2018 has confirmed that female empowerment has not been taking a break over Christmas and New Year.

This news will delight some and worry others. For those of us that were unsure how to use the momentum of the #metoo campaign to improve working conditions for all women, it seems our brave and clever sisters across the pond have been cooking up the perfect response.

Accruing millions of dollars as we speak, the Time’s Up campaign is exactly what’s needed to help ordinary working women in the US workplace.

I look forward to seeing how the UK responds to this. Yes, we’ve also seen high profile men losing their jobs, but what about the average UK male co-worker or leader, who subjects his female co-workers to harassment and even assault? How can these people – who are the majority committing these crimes – be held accountable?

Since the success of the #metoo campaign in encouraging women to speak up, I have thought long and hard about the workplaces I have been in and wondered how long it will be until some of their male employees will be brought to account. It seems that the walls are closing on this behaviour. Perhaps in 2018 we will move even closer to eradicating it.

Happy new year!