I’m a huge fan of apps. In fact, I’ve even organised them into folders on my phone. That’s the old Account Manager in me!

Being a consultant and constantly working in different places, my phone and laptop are my office, so anything that can help me keep on track of things, schedule meetings and collaborate with virtual teams are a godsend.

These are a few of my favourites:

Doodle – we all know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to schedule a meeting. Emails go back and forth with different dates and it’s a logistical nightmare. This great little tool sends a request to everyone and asks them to share their availability, and then you can see the best date that suits the whole team. Simple!

Genius Scan –  a scanner in your phone. This is so handy for keeping track of receipts and expenses. Just take a photo and it converts it into a PDF for easy online filing.

Slack – this is the biggest game-changer for me. A brilliant messaging tool for groups, teams, projects etc. It stops your email from getting clogged up and is much more professional than WhatsApp. You can set up different channels depending on the topic, and each member can join whichever ones are relevant.  As more of us work from home, remotely or as a consultant, this is an invaluable way to ensure you stay connected.

Of course, there’s a fine balance between being constantly on your phone and ensuring you have enough down time, but these handy little apps have helped me to be more efficient and saved time in the process. Which ultimately means more time to be creative and productive, or to switch off and recharge the batteries knowing that the meeting is organised, the expenses are tracked and the team are up to date.

How could some of these tools improve your team’s productivity?

By Claire Sanders

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