Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, you’ve had a restful few days over Easter and haven’t thought about work at all. When I had a more conventional corporate life, I found my best ideas and reflections frustratingly happened on my precious days off. It’s no surprise to me now that we need to be away from the day-to-day business of the office to allow space for creative thinking and problem solving.

Recently, I have been working with three leaders of small to medium-sized enterprises to help them plan the next steps for their businesses – everything from creating a realistic, yet ambitious vision for the future, through to working out the steps to get there. As with many of my clients, they are also looking to win new business on this journey, so they can fulfil their goals of growth, expansion and a nice retirement.

The most common feedback I have from clients is that our 1:1 sessions create much-needed headspace to think about the future. The hour or two they spend with me per week or month forces them to stay on track with their vision and goals.

Sometimes, you will simply want an independent view, so you’re not missing anything critical, or you could be looking for a different perspective or approach. Whatever your needs, we can build short coaching or mentoring programmes – initially anywhere between 4 to 8 sessions – which are bespoke to your needs. My current clients are in the technology, cleaning & healthcare sectors. The markets in which you operate matter less, as the principles are often the same.

Rakhee Verma left PwC in 2011 to pursue a successful career as a management consultant and interim director; helping her clients to fulfil their strategic and commercial objectives, with an emphasis on building successful growth.  With clients in the private, public and third sectors, she brings a unique insight from across a spectrum of businesses and not-for-profit organisations.  To contact Rakhee for a discussion about your needs, email rakhee@tigrismanagement.com


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