Most leaders of businesses will meet with their Sales / Business Development Directors on a weekly or monthly basis to review performance against targets.  Even if the sales function is meeting its objectives from this perspective, how do you ensure that every potential revenue stream and opportunity is being exploited.  How do you know whether you should be more or less ambitious with your plans?

For those of you leading solutions’ businesses – where technical experts are often involved to help close the deal – what should you be looking for to avoid potential hindrances to the sales process?

These are common questions I address as an Interim Director and Sales / Business Development expert.  In the diagram above, I have revealed some of the more common areas of the function that leaders will review to ensure optimum sales performance.  However, from my time at PwC leading complex global accounts and industry sectors from a sales perspective, and my work as a freelancer, there is more to an effective sales function than sometimes meets the eye.

To discuss the rest of the diagram and to see how your sales function stacks up, get in touch with Rakhee at or call 07737 345418.

Rakhee Verma left PwC in 2011 to pursue a successful career as a management consultant and interim director; helping her clients to fulfil their strategic and commercial objectives, with an emphasis on building successful growth.  With clients in the private, public and third sectors, she brings a unique insight from across a spectrum of businesses and not-for-profit organisations.  To contact Rakhee for a discussion about your needs, email

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